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Welcome to Painting and Decorating on the Net. A free online guide to all aspects of home decorating, professional decorating, wallpaper and paperhanging.Bosworths Vintage Fair 2013
This website is primarily designed to provide a thorough and easy-to-follow Guide to all the techniques of painting and decorating for the amateur home enthusiast as well as the professional decorator.
All advice, information, and services offered on this website are free and using or following any part of our website content means you have read and agree with all parts of the Conditions of Use. Discover trade secrets and learn all the tricks of the trade. Use the Troubleshooting guide for those awkward jobs and to remedy things when they go wrong.

How to make money upcycling old furniture and bric-a-brac. See below for details.
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The definitive guide to upcycling and how to make money out of it. Common questions asked

What is vintage chic?

How do I get started?

How much will it cost me to get started?

Do I need any special skills?

Can I really make money from old junk?

Where can I source my stock from?

Can I refurbish and sell just one item at a time?

Which items are the best money makers?

Should I diversify or concentrate on a niche product?

How do I get my items into an outlet?

How do I get into a vintage Fair?

Do I need to buy anything wholesale? How do I buy from wholesale?

What is the best way to buy from auctions?

What is the best way to buy from car boot sales?

How can I take advantage of book sales?

Do I need to choose a business name?

Where can I sell my finished products?

What is the right amount of distressing on furniture?

What kind of paint and materials do I need?

How do I make my own chalk paint?

How to make milk paint

How to make whitewash and advice on its use

General Guide to furniture styles

Vintage Fairs in the UK

Vintage Shabby Chic premises with spaces to rent

Vintage Shabby Chic suppliers UK Wholesale

Vintage Shabby Chic suppliers USA Wholesale

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Basic Painting Skills

How to prepare surfaces for painting.

How to paint an architrave

How to paint casement windows.

How to paint a ceiling

How to paint coving, mouldings and cornice.

How to paint crittal windows.

How to paint a door frame

How to paint exterior walls.

How to paint fixed sash windows.

How to paint a flat, unpanelled door.

How to paint a floor.

How to paint a garage door.

How to paint interior walls.

How to paint a panel door, with animation.

How to paint prefinished windows.

How to paint a shed or outhouse door.

How to paint a Skirting board

How to paint a Staircase

How to paint sliding sash windows.

How to paint over wallpaper.

How to paint a window sill

Further Painting and Decorating Skills and Knowledge

How to use an Airless Spray Gun

How to do Bagging

How to Burn out an iron paint kettle

How to pass the CITB Test.

How to apply for a CSCS Card.

How to do Dragging

How to get an Estimate.

How to do Frottage

How to do Graining

How to Lime wood

How to imitate Malachite

How to do Rag rolling

How to Re-paint a chair

How to imitate Simple Carrera Marble

How to Snag a new house

How to do Sponging

How to do Stamping

How to do Stippling

Basic Wallpapering Skills

How to affix a wallpaper Border.

How to hang Burlap.

How to match Colours and patterns.

How to get an Estimate for hanging your wallpaper.

How to Strip wallpapers.

How to measure the number of rolls needed for Ceilings.

How to measure the number of rolls needed for Walls.

How to measure the number of rolls needed for Staircase walls.

How to paper a Ceiling.

How to hang Hessian.

How to paper round an External wall angle.

How to paper round an Internal wall angle.

How to paper around a socket.

How to paper around a ceiling rose.

How to paper behind a radiator.

How to paper around a door frame.

How to paper around a window.

Preparation of surfaces for wall papering.

Wallpaper tools

Scaffolding needed for paperhanging.

How to use a Plumb-line or spirit level.

Types of Wallcoverings


Colour and colour values

Component make-up of paint.

Glossary of painting and decorating terms

Health and Safety

How to make Chalk Paint

How to make Egg Tempera

How to make Hot wax Paint

How to make French Polish

How to make Milk Paint

How to make Whitewash

Le Courrier Legibility List


Professional Training

Resources Directory

Trade Insurance

Traditional old-fashioned decorating recipes.

Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs

Wood Identification

Worlds Top 10 Paint Makers

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