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Using a Plumb-line.

Wallpaper >>> Plumb line

Besides using a plumb-line, you can use a bricklayers Spirit level (at least 5 ft long.). It is more convenient to have both.

It should be remembered that walls, especially in old houses, are often out of true and are frequently not square. Great care should be taken with the hanging to get the first piece right.hanging paper near a window

If the first piece is not perfectly straight then it will become increasingly difficult to hang the rest.

ALWAYS use the plumb-line or spirit level when you move to each different wall, even for narrow strips of paper. The more often you use the plumbline the easier your Wallpaper will become.

Tip. If you don't have a plumb-line or spirit level then you can make a plumb-line with a piece of string (make sure there are no knots in it) and attach a weight (e.g. a heavy key or an old pocket watch) to one end and presto! you have a home-made plumb-line.

If possible Wallpaper should always carried out by applying the wallpaper progressively away from the main window light source; that is to say, either side of the window or between two windows.

This way the seams will be less conspicuous and you moreover, will not be working in your own light.

Measure and mark with a pencil where you want to hang the first piece; make sure your first length won't overlap a window, door frame or go into a corner; you will want to hang your first piece simple and without distractions; this includes if possible, sockets, switches, fireplaces etc.

Chalk the plumb-line by rubbing a piece of soft coloured chalk or charcoal along the string.

Climb your steps or scaffold and hold the plumb-line at the ceiling against the wall and wait until it settles directly over the pencil mark.

Secure the plumb-line at to top with a drawing pin or small nail.hanging paper near a corner

Kneeling on the floor, hold the line firmly against the wall with your thumb just above the skirting.

With your other hand, at a point about midway up the wall or as close as you can get, draw back the taut line (between 2 and 3 inches) and let it snap back against the wall leaving a definite chalk mark up the wall.

This chalk line will be your guide in hanging the first length. Blow off the excess chalk dust from the chalk-line so that it does not stain the wallpaper.(figs.1 and 2)

The same method is used for setting a chalk line on a ceiling.

If you decide to draw the line using a spirit level, it is best drawn in pencil.

You may need to move the level at least twice so great care must be taken to hold it very steady.

Hold the level close to the pencil mark so that you can just see it and ensure the bubble is perfectly central before you draw your pencil line.

Make your first part of the line from the skirting up; then work progressively upwards ensuring that the level is keeping to the line.

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