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Sepp Leaf.(New York)
Sepp Leaf Products, Inc. is an international distributor of gold and metal leaf. We are the gilder's source for leaf, supplies, tools and materials. In addition, we are distributors of Liberon's high quality gilding, wood finishing and restoration products, and the decorative painter's source for Kolcaustico, The designer's choice for venetian plaster. Sepp Leaf Products provides one stop shopping for the gilding industry. Our complete line of gold and metal leaf, gilding supplies, Liberon and decorative finishing products are shipped to gilders, manufactures, and artists throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our customers are located in Europe, South America, Asia and points around the globe.
The Gold Leaf Factory. (Victoria, Australia)
The Goldleaf Factory Int. Pty. Ltd is an worldwide seller/manufacturer of Goldleaf and metal leaf. Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades from the traditional to unusual. Products also sold include silver leaf, silver leaf with exotic patterns, oxidized silver leaf and palladium leaf, MICA powder, transfer dutch gold / aluminium are among the different metal leaf's sold. Many varieties are available in glass, surface, patent and in rolls.
China Goldleaf.(Nanjing.China)
My name is ZHAO BIAO . In respect to the origin of gold-leaf ,it is said internationally that application of gold sheets by humans at 7,000 - year -long history .Egyptians made the first artificial gold-leaf .They washed the sand from the Nile for gold ,then melted it with lead ,salt ,tin and chaff in a sealed kettle to get pure gold .and hammered out flat gold sheets .Nowadays, the process of gold-leaf production has been greatly developed and its quality has been quite good . Using MEILONG Brand gold-leaf as its raw material ,The company produces series of gold-leaf arts and crafts .gold-leaf paintings , VIP Gold-leaf Cards, gilded arts ,We also produce gold-leaf souvenirs or for decoration of palaces and hotels . Furthermore ,various gold-leaf arts and crafts and souvenirs can be made according to your own designs or even your ideas .Incorporating the western style as well as the advanced technique in its production , the company now produces more arts crafts featuring in the Chinese traditional culture .1. Gold-leaf:. (1)gold-leaf :9.3cm*9.3cm(size) ,99.5%(gold purity) ,price :USD4833/10,000 pieces(FON NANJING) ; (2)gold-leaf:10.9cm*10.9cm ,98%,price :USD4833/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (3)gold-leaf:9.3cm*9.3cm ,98%,price :USD4950/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (4)gold-leaf:4.45cm*4.45cm ,96%,price :USD1329/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (5)gold-leaf:8.3cm*8.3cm ,74%,price :USD2779/10,000 pieces(FOB) ;   2.Imitation gold-leaf:. The product have two individual packing method : (1) 1 pieces imitate gold-leaf use 1 pieces pink paper packing ,16cm*16cm :price:USD360/10,000 pieces(FOB NANJING)(export Indonesia ,India) (2)100 pieces imitate gold-leaf use 1 pieces pink paper packing ,16cm*16cm :price :USD360/10,000 pieces(FOB) (export Egypt ) . The pink paper and copper material is from alien company import , And quality is best ! 3.silver-leaf : (1)silver-leaf :12cm*121cm ,99% ,price :USD1200/10,000 pieces (FOB) (2)silver-leaf :10cm*10cm ,99% ,price :USD1000/10,000 pieces (FOB). 4.copper-leaf:; (1)copper-leaf :16cm*16cm ,price :USD281/10,000 pieces (FOB); (2)copper-leaf :14cm*14cm ,price :USD260/10,000 pieces (FOB) 5.aluminium-leaf : (1)aluminium-leaf :14cm*14cm ,price :USD230/10,000 pieces(FOB) painting: (price is :USD0.04229/cm2). Gf-03: picture core size :10cm*15cm (frame size :20cm*29cm)price:10*15*0.04229=USD6.34(FOB NANJING). 7.Gold Powder. (Pale RichGoldPower) made in German Negotiation and made in HK;(1.).1canon¡Ö3.875liter(2) Airfreight unavailable (3) Remarks available .Price is Negotiatable.
Uhlfelder Goldleaf. (New York)
Leading Importer of High Quality Gold Leaf and Other Gilding and Art Supplies with a Comprehensive Selection of: Genuine Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and Palladium Leaf and Ribbon Gold , Imitation Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Variegated and Copper Leaf and Ribbon Gold ,Magic Leaf, Bronze and Aluminum Powders, Gilding Supplies, Books and Videos Non-Tarnishing Glitter.
Gold Leaf Studios. (Washington DC)
Gold Leaf Studios is a traditional workshop and studio using techniques and materials as they always have been used on the finest handmade gilded objects: natural glues, gesso, bole, and gold leaf.
The Polymer Clay Pit.(Diss.UK)
Metal Leaf and metal powders. Not real gold and silver but just as beautiful and far cheaper, these can be laid onto soft clay to give wonderful effects.To get a crackle effect, lay a sheet of leaf onto a sheet of rolled-out clay and roll again. The leaf will fracture into a stunning design. Leaf is used with translucent clays when creating Mokume Gane. Varnish with gloss varnish after baking to prevent tarnishing. Avoid touching the leaf with your fingers as much as possible as this encourages tarnishing.
J.Freeman Inc. (Dorchester MA)
J. Freeman, Inc. is an industrial distributor catering to commercial businesses since 1927. We are a distributor carrying, gold leaf , and more. We also sign, graphics, printing, and contractor equipment. For a complete list of what we carry, please see our product list . We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We sell wholesale and retail to sign companies, glass companies, construction companies, architects, and home owners. We carry a large stock and ship same day in almost all cases. We can provide quotes and technical information immediately on your call. You don't have to punch in numbers. Our sales staff is accessible and knowledgeable.
Houston Art.(Houston Texas)
At Houston Art, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products, and we believe that is why we have been around since 1965. From our metal leafing supplies to Glass Markers, to our new Cork Boards, we strive to provide a wide variety of art and craft products for everyone from the occasional hobbyist to the professional restorer. You’re welcome to browse our web site and feel free to contact us with any questions about our products. Here you’ll see some things that might look familiar and some new things we might still be working on. Our products and unique items can be found in hundreds of stores around the U.S.A and in dealers in Canada and beyond.
The Gilders Studio. (Maryland)
We are frequently hired to provide specifications and control samples for custom finishes on large projects with diverse suppliers. For example we provided specifications and control samples for over 30 different gilded finishes for Barneys New York in Manhattan. These control samples and specifications were sent to over 10 different cabinet makers and fixture manufacturers to work by. This ensured uniformity in the final results. We have been retained to consult on several gilded state capitol domes and provide recommendations regarding repair and re-gilding of the domes, both interior and exterior.
Pearl Paint.(Fort Lauderdale)
For over 60 years on Canal Street, we've brought you the best fine art supplies at the best prices. At PEARL, it's a tradition! Now you can shop for the same great art supplies at the same great values right here on the web! While we can't offer our full catalog online yet, we hope you find some items of interest here. And remember that because you are your own salesperson, the prices offered for supplies on this site cannot be matched at our stores. We use encrypted lines to ensure your security, so you can shop with confidence when you shop with PEARL! Just click on the icons above to begin your journey into the World of PEARL .

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