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Fort Hill.(Ashburnham.Massachusetts)
Gold Leaf Embossing Tools. Since 1905 Fort Hill has been making Gold leaf embossing tools, rolls and stamps. These tools have been used by furniture manufacturers, leather artisans, book binders, and antique furniture refinishers in hundreds of applications. You will find our patterns on the finest leather topped furniture in the world as well as leather books, belts, shoes, and applied to wooden furniture in the form of maker's marks.
Gold-Orient Eastman.(Xiamen.China)
Supplier of Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Imitation Gold Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf. We are major manufacturer and exporter of metal leaf in China. We have imported advanced Italian equipments and technologies to produce imitation gold leaf, imitation silver leaf, pure copper leaf, variegated leaf, genuine gold leaf and genuine silver leaf in choice quality.
W&B Gold Leaf.(Chicago.Illinois)
For over 100 years Wehrung & Billmeier has been manufacturing quality gold leaf and gilding products for artists, sign painters, framers, decorators, and retail outlets. Wehrung & Billmeier is the only remaining American manufacturer of leaf products.
Gold Leaf.(Thailand)
We are original handmade goldleaf since 1998 from Thailand. Gold in the form of a thin leaf is an item valued for its purity as a religious offering and for its power to placate spirits and request favours. Postage-stamp-size booklets of gold leaves are always on sale along with incense, flowers and candles at temples and shrines for use as daily offerings.
Golden Leaf Products.(Oceanside.California)
High Quality Genuine Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf Gold. Its beauty has captivated people for all of known history. And now, at Golden Leaf Products, we're enriching that history with a whole new line of high-quality gold leaf products. Using a innovative, new, proprietary manufacturing process, we take the finest materials in the world, then diligently apply the extra time and care it takes to create gold leaf that’s beyond compare.
GerstendÖrfer founded 1843, belongs to the leading and most important manufacturers of Genuine Gold Leaf. We produce more than 25 types for any application. Our product range comprises a wide and selected range for gilders, conservators, painters and artists. We offer a high-class product range to satisfy the highest expectations.
Gold Leaf Supplies.(Bridgend.Wales.UK)
Gold Leaf Supplies are a leading UK supplier of Gold Leaf and Gilding Supplies. Please click onto our online catalogue for prices or to purchase any item in our very comprehensive range of ancillary products related to the gilding& decorative and traditional signwriting trades
Sepp Leaf.(New York)
Sepp Leaf Products, Inc. is an international distributor of gold and metal leaf. We are the gilder's source for leaf, supplies, tools and materials. In addition, we are distributors of Liberon's high quality gilding, wood finishing and restoration products, and the decorative painter's source for Kolcaustico, The designer's choice for venetian plaster. Sepp Leaf Products provides one stop shopping for the gilding industry. Our complete line of gold and metal leaf, gilding supplies, Liberon and decorative finishing products are shipped to gilders, manufactures, and artists throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our customers are located in Europe, South America, Asia and points around the globe.
The Gold Leaf Factory. (Victoria, Australia)
The Goldleaf Factory Int. Pty. Ltd is an worldwide seller/manufacturer of Goldleaf and metal leaf. Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades from the traditional to unusual. Products also sold include silver leaf, silver leaf with exotic patterns, oxidized silver leaf and palladium leaf, MICA powder, transfer dutch gold / aluminium are among the different metal leaf's sold. Many varieties are available in glass, surface, patent and in rolls.
China Goldleaf.(Nanjing.China)
My name is ZHAO BIAO . In respect to the origin of gold-leaf ,it is said internationally that application of gold sheets by humans at 7,000 - year -long history. Egyptians made the first artificial gold-leaf .They washed the sand from the Nile for gold ,then melted it with lead ,salt ,tin and chaff in a sealed kettle to get pure gold .and hammered out flat gold sheets. Nowadays, the process of gold-leaf production has been greatly developed and its quality has been quite good . Using MEILONG Brand gold-leaf as its raw material ,The company produces series of gold-leaf arts and crafts .gold-leaf paintings , VIP Gold-leaf Cards, gilded arts ,We also produce gold-leaf souvenirs or for decoration of palaces and hotels . Furthermore ,various gold-leaf arts and crafts and souvenirs can be made according to your own designs or even your ideas .Incorporating the western style as well as the advanced technique in its production , the company now produces more arts crafts featuring in the Chinese traditional culture .1. Gold-leaf:. (1)gold-leaf :9.3cm*9.3cm(size) ,99.5%(gold purity) ,price :USD4833/10,000 pieces(FON NANJING) ; (2)gold-leaf:10.9cm*10.9cm ,98%,price :USD4833/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (3)gold-leaf:9.3cm*9.3cm ,98%,price :USD4950/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (4)gold-leaf:4.45cm*4.45cm ,96%,price :USD1329/10,000 pieces(FOB) ; (5)gold-leaf:8.3cm*8.3cm ,74%,price :USD2779/10,000 pieces(FOB) ;   2.Imitation gold-leaf:. The product have two individual packing method : (1) 1 pieces imitate gold-leaf use 1 pieces pink paper packing ,16cm*16cm :price:USD360/10,000 pieces(FOB NANJING)(export Indonesia ,India) (2)100 pieces imitate gold-leaf use 1 pieces pink paper packing ,16cm*16cm :price :USD360/10,000 pieces(FOB) (export Egypt ) . The pink paper and copper material is from alien company import , And quality is best ! 3.silver-leaf : (1)silver-leaf :12cm*121cm ,99% ,price :USD1200/10,000 pieces (FOB) (2)silver-leaf :10cm*10cm ,99% ,price :USD1000/10,000 pieces (FOB). 4.copper-leaf:; (1)copper-leaf :16cm*16cm ,price :USD281/10,000 pieces (FOB); (2)copper-leaf :14cm*14cm ,price :USD260/10,000 pieces (FOB) 5.aluminium-leaf : (1)aluminium-leaf :14cm*14cm ,price :USD230/10,000 pieces(FOB) painting: (price is :USD0.04229/cm2). Gf-03: picture core size :10cm*15cm (frame size :20cm*29cm)price:10*15*0.04229=USD6.34(FOB NANJING). 7.Gold Powder. (Pale RichGoldPower) made in German Negotiation and made in HK;(1.).1canon¡Ö3.875liter(2) Airfreight unavailable (3) Remarks available .Price is Negotiatable.
Uhlfelder Goldleaf. (New York)
Leading Importer of High Quality Gold Leaf and Other Gilding and Art Supplies with a Comprehensive Selection of: Genuine Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and Palladium Leaf and Ribbon Gold , Imitation Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Variegated and Copper Leaf and Ribbon Gold ,Magic Leaf, Bronze and Aluminum Powders, Gilding Supplies, Books and Videos Non-Tarnishing Glitter.
Gold Leaf Studios. (Washington DC)
Gold Leaf Studios is a traditional workshop and studio using techniques and materials as they always have been used on the finest handmade gilded objects: natural glues, gesso, bole, and gold leaf.
Wrights of Lymm (Lymm, Cheshire, UK)
In 1840 William Wright commenced gold beating on his own account in the City of London. At this time the majority of the larger towns and cities numbered at least on gold beater among their many craftsmen. Somewhere around 1870 the business was transferred to premises in 19 Bridge Street, Manchester. Here the work was carried out in a cellar and passers-by were able to watch the activity through a grille in the pavement. At the beginning of this 20th century, Frank Wright and his brother William Wright, sons of the founder, came to reside in Lymm in a shed housed in the garden of “Ash Villa” the home of William Wright and decided to employ girls and young women to carry out lighter work of cutting, transferring and packing the Gold Leaf. Work continued in the shed at “Ash Villa” until 1912, when due to increased business, the firm was moved a few hundred yards away to premises in Grove Avenue. Here three men were employed as beaters, assisted by two boys and three girls. The firm became a private limited company, with Frank Wright as managing director.
Bucks Gold Leaf (Chalfont St Peter, Bucks., UK)
Bucks Gold Leaf bring you a full range of Genuine Gold, Palladium, Silver and Metal Leaf combined with a comprehensive selection of gilding materials. Our range of Genuine Gold Leaf is available in a number of different shades from 6ct White Gold to 24ct Pure Gold. We also supply edible Silver, 23ct and 24ct Gold leaf products. Bucks Gold Leaf supply metal leaf in a range of colours including 2 shades of imitation gold, copper and imitation silver (aluminium). Our range of gilding materials includes gilders tips, gilders mops, gold size and agate burnishers.
Gold Leaf Design Group (Chicago, Illinois)
Gold Leaf Design Group is committed to introducing inspiring, handcrafted wares to the discerning world market. We believe individual actions have a collective impact. To contribute to the preservation of our natural resources, we design, produce and source cutting edge products with a positive environmental focus. Our trendsetting pieces often utilize sustainable, reclaimed or re-purposed components and subtly reflect our global interconnectedness. We love what we do, and are pleased to share our latest collections with you. We hope that as you peruse our website, you too, will be excited not only by the beauty of our wide range of products but also by the opportunity to join us in impacting the world through our actions.
Gilded Planet(California)
The Gilded Planet is your one stop gold leaf source for gilding techniques, information and products on and off the web. The Gilded Planet is owned and operated by Master Gilders, with international experience in the world of gilding, restoration, preservation and conservation.
Handover (London, UK)
Established over 60 years ago, we take pride in hand making professional quality brushes at our workshops in London and in Welwyn Garden City. We also specialise in supplies for gilders, signwriters, pinstripers, specialist decorators, artists and a wide range of other craftsmen working in stained glass, graining, marbling, stencilling, theatrical make-up, picture restoration, scenic painting, coach painting and a host of other skills.
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